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Treasury Obligations


Investment Strategy

Seeks to provide maximum current income and daily liquidity by purchasing U.S. Treasury securities and repurchase agreements collateralized by such obligations.

Fund Facts

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Fund Features

  • Assigned highest credit ratings by Standard & Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch.
  • The use of repurchase agreements provides a high degree of liquidity.
  • The combination of Treasury securities and Treasury repurchase agreements offers the potential for higher yields than a portfolio comprised exclusively of Treasury securities, although repurchase agreements present some additional risk to the fund.

*Repurchase agreements are subject to the risk that the seller will default on its obligation to repurchase the securities, which could result in a loss to the fund.
‡ The advisor has contractually agreed to waive fees and reimburse fund expenses through October 31, 2016, so that the total annual fund operating expenses do not exceed as stated. These waivers and reimbursements may be terminated any time after October 31, 2016 by the advisor. Prior to that time, waivers and reimbursements may not be terminated without approval of the fund's board.
Standard & Poor's AAAm Rating: S& P evaluates a number of factors, including credit quality, market price, exposure, and management. Please visit standardandpoors.com for more information and ratings methodology.
Moody's Aaa-mf Rating: Money market funds with this rating are judged to be of an investment quality similar to Aaa-rated fixed-income obligations; that is, they are judged to be of the highest quality. Please visit moodys.com for more information and ratings methodology.
Fitch AAAmmf Rating: Money market funds with this rating are judged to have the highest credit quality and safety of principal. Please visit fitchratings.com for more information and ratings methodology.
NAIC Class 1 List: A money market fund is eligible for listing on the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) Class 1 List if the fund: (1) maintains a constant net asset value of $1.00 at all times, (2) allows a maximum of seven day redemption of proceeds, (3) maintains a rating of Am or better from Standard and Poor’s or a rating of A or better from Moody’s Investors Services or an equivalent or better rating from another NAIC Acceptable Rating Organization (ARO) and (4) invests at least 95% of its total assets in any combination of U.S. government securities, securities rated in the highest short-term rating category by an NAIC ARO, unrated securities determined by the fund’s Board to be of comparable quality, securities of money market funds that are registered investment companies, and collateralized repurchase agreements comprised of such obligations at all times. NAIC designations are suitable for NAIC members' use in determining whether a fund has met certain eligibility requirements for NAIC listing. NAIC designation should not be considered an investment criteria for non-members.

Portfolio Maturity1,2

as of 2/4/2016

Portfolio Allocation2

as of 2/4/2016

Bank Exposure By Country of Domicile2,3

as of 2/4/2016
The fund's portfolio allocations are as of the date indicated, are subject to change without notice and are not recommendations to buy or sell.  Current and future portfolio holdings are subject to risk.
1Calculated using each security's final legal maturity date, which is the date the principal amount must unconditionally be paid, or in the case of a security called for redemption, the date on which the redemption payment must be made and shown as percentage of amortized cost.
2Shown as a percentage of amortized cost. Pursuant to Rule 2a-7 where portfolio securities are valued at the fund's acquisition cost adjusted for amortization of premium or accretion of discount rather than at their current market value.
3Bank Exposure is determined by using a combination of either direct exposure when an investment is issued by a bank or indirect exposure where a bank provides full liquidity and/or other credit support to a security. Some securities held by the fund may not have bank exposure; therefore, the chart provided may not include the fund's entire investment portfolio.